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Originally Posted by tds101 View Post
FYI this bike was originally $2,799USD. I think this covers your "only expensive bikes are best" blanket statement. As for hardware, it's older tech. As long as you can maintain, it and find the proper replacement parts, it's a pretty solid ride for the price.
And by the way, there is nothing wrong with paying $1500 or $1700, for an e-Bike, or one that you think is actually $2500 or $2700, so it makes you feel like you got a good deal. But I can assure you, as in the case of the IZip express, its original price being $5000, says nothing about its quality, or longevity, or even practicality, and the fact you can now buy it on Amazon for $1499, says a LOT more about its current VALUE. The market is not valuing the bike at all around the $5000 price, bc its not practical for the vast majority of people, and they couldn't sell them 4 years ago at $5000, and can barely sell any now at $1499. Sort of insane that they are even trying, but then that shows you a company who's integrity is such is that they principally only want to sell you something, but have little care what happens to it or you, after they have your money in their slimey little pockets. Any local retailer who will sell you this bike, I would avoid like the plague. BC that retailer will keep bilking you for more and more money, and be happy to keep selling you higher and higher priced bikes, without any care of whether that e-bike will last a day or a month or a year.
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