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Originally Posted by BikeDood53 View Post
So did you get the IZip, and if so, how do you like it ? Pro's and Con's ? Worth the money ?
I am not a bike mechanic, nor have I owned an E-Bike. My previous bike was a Titanium bike with nearly full Dura-Ace. I put about 1500 miles a year on that bike over the past 3-4 years. I did test ride about 5 E-Bikes and have 200 miles on this one. Take my brief review with a grain of salt.

It came new in box and is a 2012 model. Basic bike assembly required. Again, Curie Tech verified the battery condition and it has the standard warranty. I didn't check voltage. I calibrated the belt drive, front/rear brakes, derailleurs, and inflated the tires. The battery took about 2 hours to fully top off.

Distance/Time- They recommend fully draining the battery the first 3 times. It went for about 3 hours at level 5 (the highest level). What's slightly frustrating is once you get down to 1/5 battery it automatically lowers to the lowest assist setting. At the lowest assist I went about 6 miles until the battery died. The total mileage on one charge over the course of two days, on max assist, with few hills is maybe 35 miles.

Speed/Hills- With the highest assist I average about 22-23 MPH on flat roads, low assist is maybe 16-17. The fastest I've gone at a comfortable cadence is 24 downhill. I think it should go faster and I'm working with the company now to verify speed. I went to the highest grade hill I could find. It's a sledding hill and some random website has it listed at 40 degrees and 500-600 feet. That is the very edge of this bikes capability, but it went up with 15 pounds in the panniers.

Battery- It comes off and on pretty easy and weighs 15ish pounds. It takes roughly 7 hours to fully charge from empty.

Overall- For certain there is an initial strangeness to the pedaling. It didn't take more than a mile to get a feel for it. Basically, just use a smooth cadence. If you push very hard it feels like it slips and if you stand up the ride is very jerky. In a granny gear the motor causes it to do a wheelie from a stop. It isn't waterproof. After an 8 mile ride in moderate rain the motor cut out. After it dried up there were no issues. You have to protect parts of the battery and cadence sensor from water. I rode in similar conditions while protected with plastic and went 20 miles through puddles and dirt trails without issue. The belt makes noise. When you're going full speed you don't really notice it because it blends in. I've become completely used to it and don't mind it at all. You can tell how hard its working from the noise. Twice the noise helped. Once I was rounding a corner when someone was exiting their vehicle parked on the side of the road. They heard me and closed the door moving into their vehicle. Another time there was a deer on the side of a dirt trail. It jumped into the woods just before I got to it. You can hear the noise half a block away if you're really listening for it. The components are nowhere close to what my road bike had. They are a bit clunky, but I sold my 9 year old road bike for more than this bike new. My coworkers and family who have never ridden an electric bike were very impressed, even after hearing the price. They had a lot of fun riding it. One mentioned the strangeness or unnatural feel when pedaling. It is heavy, but you can read that on the specs. I love taking it to the grocery store. It's a blast to ride around town. Who knows how the battery will last. I'll be happy if it lasts 3 years (But who knows). At that point I'll feel much more comfortable trying to make my own E-Bike and I'm sure quality will be up and costs down. Given I could buy two of these for a $3,000 bike, I personally would buy this bike every time. I am happy I bought it, but I wish it held up better in the rain without having to protect it. If you buy this there is a connection for a 6-volt light, but I'm not using it.

If I missed anything or you have any questions ask away. This bike might not be for you, but as long as it hold up it serves my purposes well.
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