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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
People don't often include food and water as part of their touring weight but we are hauling whatever we use around on our bikes aren't we? 1L of water weighs 1Kg or 2.2 lb's so someone who carries 2L carries about 5lb's of water. Anyone heading across Canada west to east may go via the Coquihalla Hwy. This leg is 121km through arid alpine country with a 50km non stop hill and no reliable water source along the way. A pretty common route up here for multi day tourers. Or going from Revelstoke to Golden, Golden to Lake Louise, Banff to Calgary... Few people are taking 1 water bottle.

Food you can buy and eat as you ride, but then you are tied to routes that have that convenience at every meal time. I like to have at least a days worth so I can go where I want and not consider food stops as that much of a necessity. I'm a vegetarian so I have to be a little more thoughtful about what will be available where I stop. Sometimes a diner or fast food place won't have a good source of food for me. I don't like to cook and clean so I try to buy ready to eat food but I also tour in bear country so fresh food like cheeses and peanut butter I avoid, unless it can be eaten right away - no leftovers. I usually go for canned food like beans or chili. It's heavy but provides good calories and protein and is filling. When I do bring a stove I also bring enough instant coffee/hot chocolate for the whole trip because buying individual serving each day is problematic. If I do oatmeal in a bag I also bring enough for the whole trip. You ever go into a store and ask to buy a single serving of oatmeal... just what you need for that day?

If you disregard meaningful amounts of food and water in your weighting then you're really limiting the parameters of what a multi day tour is, for most people and it starts sounding a lot more like CC touring.
You must be able to go at least 100 miles between resupply if necessary. So I always carry 2 liters of water and can carry more in my saddlebag and in my back pockets. I also carry two days of food and make sure my jersey pockets are well stocked with energy bars and fruit. The convention in hiking and backpacking is that base gear weight does not include consumables like food water and fuel, but obviously they must be carried too and I usually expect to be carrying at least 4.4lbs of water and a couple of pounds of food.

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