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As a quilt user this pad is not effectively useable. It seems to require a sleeping bag or additional foam insulation under it or on top of it to fill the gaps for insulation to prevent heat loss.

I have a Gossamer Gear (Klymit) Air Beam short wide pad that I like very much. It has some nice design features. The outer chamber on each side is larger than the inner ones. Keeps me on the pad. The thickness tapers from 2 inches at the head to one inch at the base of the pad length of 56 inches. It is 37 inches wide at the top with 26 inches useable not counting the edge chambers. It tapers to 25 inches at the bottom.

It is an uninsulated air pad best for Summer use unless I bring along a a 1/8th inch Evasote pad for insulation which weighs two ounces. The weight of the Air beam is 12 ounces and very compact.

** As I was writing this I notice that Gossamer Gear has stopped selling these pads which they designed and had made by Klymit. They have all Air beam Pads left on sale on clearance here.

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