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Originally Posted by hueyhoolihan View Post
BTW, i just tried my new-gen thermarest, you know, the one that's smaller, lighter, thinner and more easily punctured than previous generations (pro-lite) , just yesterday. tossed and turned all night.
I think about where I am going before I decide which pad to take. All my thermarest pads are shorty ones for lighter weight. The thin ones (I have two versions of Pro-Lite) are good enough for me if I will be sleeping on soils like are common in forests or a grassy area because those soils are somewhat soft. But if I will be in areas with rocky soils or in frequently used campgrounds where the soil can be very hard packed, I need a thicker pad.

I also have a couple air mattresses. They are slightly heavier than my shorty Thermarest pads being full length, but the air mattresses roll up much smaller to fit in my panniers. I used an air mattress this past June when backpacking Isle Royale, we planned to try to get shelters where we could and their floor is hard enough that I knew that I really did not want a thin pad on that hard floor. The air mattresses was much better on that trip.

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