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I'd agree with Phil_Gretz. If you are ready to build from the frame up, a good place to start would be Ebay and/or Craigslist to get a bike you like and can customize.

What you put on the bike is mostly determined by what you want to do with it and how much you want to spend. Even an entry-level wheelset will run you $130, plus $40 for tires and $10 for tubes/tape, so there is $180 to start. Derailleurs $50, shifters $30-$130 depending on whether you go flat bar and trigger shifters or drop bar and brifters. Seat post $15, stem $15 if you shop Ebay and the clearance section at Nashbar. That's minimum $290 so far, and then cables $10, bar tape or grips $5-$20, pedals $15 (and these are bargain-basement prices for used or clearance items) and that's about $330 ... crankset maybe $30 for a total of $360----plus the frame.

Or you can spend a couple hundred on a ready-to-ride or needs-a-little-care used bike. Since you were planning to build frame-up, tearing a bike down to the frame and fixing/upgrading it should be fine and will save you a lot of money.

You've got about $120 in parts already ... but that's $120 out of maybe $500 to build up a bare frame. You'd be much better off buying one decent bike and two or three junk bikes for parts, getting everything running, finding out what you needed to make everything work, and then upgrading the running bike to meet your desires.

Please know that I am Not trying to discourage you. I love building cheap bikes. Thing is, they aren't cheap, compared to what I could buy for the same money. I am trying to get a realistic pricing structure into place for you. Your best bet is almost always to start with a decent bike and upgrade it ... IF you are dead set on building your own. It is Not the cheap way to go about it.

Shoot, visit Bike Island and Bikes Direct and see what a few hundred can buy there. Then compare it to spending $500 for a bunch of stuff you need to put together ... with a lot of used parts, a lot of problems, a lot of headaches ... I love it, but it ain't the cheap route.

The more you narrow down exactly what you want to do, the more helpful people here could be about specific parts and stuff. Trust me, people here would love to help ... let us know how things progress.
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