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Originally Posted by SkyDog75 View Post
I don't know if the Colorado tandem maker had anything to do with the name change, but I wasn't getting the two companies confused. Just to double-check, I found at least one source for that name change I mentioned. Here's a quote from a Calgary Herald article: "Devinci, which started in 1987 as Da Vinci until it was taken over by entrepreneur Felix Gauthier who swapped the vowel and expanded the company in the mid 1990s, lies in the middle of Canada’s aluminium country in central Quebec."
That's most of the story; IIRC Felix G. deliberately changed the spelling from 'da-' to 'de-' to have it 'look' and sound French (Quebecois). Still pretty much a 'made up' name, but who cares! Devinci takes a great deal of pride (justified, in my opinion) in still manufacturing their aluminum frames in Quebec.
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