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Originally Posted by Ridefreemc View Post
Nice setup. I like how the rear fender stays allow you to avoid the disk brake. No need for weird bends to get around them.

That time of the year should give you some nice weather, often dry for long periods of time. As you say, watch the fronts that come through for wind and temperatures. Unusual to get too cold that time of year though. There will be a pretty full camp at Collier-Seminole that time of year, but you can still make reservations (although often the website will show full, but there are sites available when you show up).

Not sure which way you want to go when you get in the Keys, but Card Sound Road is a less travelled road vs, US1. It is more miles, but a nicer ride too. I've never done the ferry/cat trip back to Naples, but a close friend has and liked it. Great way to do a one way bike trip. Another trick I use (it was to do a kayak paddle from Goodland to Everglades City) is getting the airport limo to pick me up at EC and drop me off in Goodland where I left my kayaks. You might use it to get out of Naples and get a head start. Depends on how much room they have in the vehicle of course.

BTW - All alligators are dangerous. Some of the worst ones are the ones that are not afraid of humans (because they have been habituated to being fed by humans). I had a very close call with one while boating/camping in the EGs. Could have lost a body part had a few things gone just a little different. I'm not saying they come and raid your tent, but just that they cannot be trusted.
Collier Seminole looks nice, but is too close to Naples for the time I have. No doubt all alligators are dangerous, and I wouldn't set up camp near them, but as long as they don't venture out of the water, it shouldn't be a problem. Believe me, if I stay there, I will set up my tent as far away as possible. Definitely plan to ride Card Sound Road if the legs will allow for the extra miles.
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