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Google's Bike map option will pick the most direct route that allows bikes, but often it's not the best way.

(See my post on another thread for more details about the Strava Route Builder.)

The new Strava Route Builder uses the Strava Heat Map data of 18 months of recorded bike rides to see which roads riders use the most. It's been great when testing routes on my local Ohio roads. It will go quite a way off the direct route to use popular roads. The routes often have quite a few turns, so exporting the route to a GPS device is probably better than trying to ride it with the cue sheet.

Here's Ft Lauderdale (A1A) to your Orlando destination. Strava map link.

It looks like there's only a few roads that head inland from the Melbourne / Cocoa Beach area. So some of those roads might be kind of annoying to ride, but are the only local route available. You can click Edit on the map and drag the route to a different road.


Here's the mid-Florida Heat Map. Red is most popular, blue somewhat less popular. Cities are more red because they have many more riders. Zoom in to see more roads with local activity. You can see that nobody rides on the toll road.


Originally Posted by Phlorida View Post
Look up the cross Florida bike route. You would start at 520 and A1A and head over to the Kissimmee (Disney) area. From there you would need to sort out your own route to 528/I-Drive but there will be more options.
Looks like Strava Route Builder has the same idea.

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