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Originally Posted by jsk View Post
The body is pretty good at adapting to sub-optimal mechanics, but that doesn't mean they're not still sub-optimal. Everything's connected; if one muscle/group is not doing it's job adequately, other muscles may have to work even harder to pick up the slack. For example, back muscles having to take the extra burden of stabilizing the hips and spine if the core muscles aren't engaged and contributing.

For me personally, my biggest limiter on longer rides has always been back pain. I'm finding that when I do regular core work, it helps quite a bit (unfortunately I'm not always good about remembering to do it). I'm not talking crunches (which IMHO are of very little use to athletes), but things like ab rollouts, planks, side-planks, ab vacuums, etc.

so you build all those big core muscles and then you ride all the time but if you don't work the extra big core muscles they atrophy from disuse?
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