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Nice sentiment Shelby but it's not 2016 yet.

I was going to say I find it strange to talk about the time wasted in other peoples lives while extolling the virtues of riding 60 miles a day, every day but then I remembered some of my journals from when I was a younger 20 something year old. Plenty of raging against the machine in them which, looking back, was mostly about trying to find my own place in a society that I felt was trying to define me in ways I did not fit. Lot's of "This is me - I'm not like you - You suck" sort of stuff.

Good news is: It all worked out! I did become me, and in some ways I'm not like you, but in other ways in turns out I am. Turns out society was just a lot of people trying to define themselves while feeling most of the same sort of feelings I did with some variation thrown in for good measure because we are not clones. In the end it wasn't them trying to make me conform so much as life itself and we were all just trying to ride the same wave together with some pushing and name calling because we were afraid we might fall down or that someone was taking a better line. There is no "society" out there; just people fumbling around trying to be happy in a life that doesn't always offer that. At least not for long.

I commute a modest 30 minutes to work each way, ride on the weekends and tour sometimes. There were times when I did not own a car, commuted 1.5 hours to college and worked as a bicycle courier. Wonderful memories but today ain't bad either. Most of my time at the slave factory now revolves around helping the elderly walk and recover from things like hip fractures; I facilitate a therapeutic walking program at an extended care facility. Spending a lot of time with people at the end of their lives has allowed me to see the results of many different paths and the human vulnerability that underlies all of our hopes and aspirations.

So, good luck with life. I hope most everybody except Hit-ler finds what they are looking for. Just try to have enough humility to not knock those who aren't chasing the same dream.

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