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Originally Posted by Buffalo Buff View Post
Very true bikenh.

Some days I catch myself spending 3 or 4 hours in a single day just sitting around reading stuff and posting on different message boards relevant to my hobbies. Time can fly by pretty fast without even realizing it. In that same time frame I could do 60 miles. Most people spend that much time per day watching TV. Like you, I also don't watch TV. Simply because there's other things I'd rather do.

If you're married, supporting a family, working 60 hours a week plus running your kids to school and athletic practices etc, 60 miles a day sounds completely unreasonable. But I do 60 miles just going to and from work, grabbing lunch, then visiting my girlfriend. I don't have to go out of my way at all.

I've been driving the past few days because I've been very sick. Its ridiculous to me having to pay 10$ a day in gas just to get around. If I want to go to work, hang out with my buddy who lives north of me, then drive over to my girlfriends to spend the night, that's easily 10$ right there. It feels absurd after bike commuting full time. I like keeping my car around for emergencies, but I'm very close to getting rid of it. I'm with you....the costs of gas, insurance, registration etc. is just silly to me after seeing how practical bike commuting is.
It's funny I've gotten so use to riding the bigger miles that I don't think about it anymore. At the same time I don't like doing it that much around home. Other than extended errand running I generally save up the big mile days(100-200 mile days) for the bike trip each summer. I hardly do much of any biking outside of the local area while around home. When I take off for the bike trip I don't want to do some miles. If it's not a 125 mile day than I might have as well stayed home. When you start riding the big miles you get so used to doing it becomes routine. And like you said Bill it's not that hard for the miles to add up when you stop using a car and rely on the bike as your means of transportation. It's incredible how fast the miles add up.
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