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Originally Posted by Buffalo Buff View Post
So the general consensus of many cycle touring message boards seems to be "I don't like UL bike tourists because they're evangelists that think they know the only right way to tour, and never fail to tell other people how to do things."

Which is something that I've personally never witnessed. (I'm sure it has happened at some point though).
Seriously? You have a 39 page thread on basically the exact same subject, and now this one.

What I have witnessed is a general condescending attitude towards people who are interested in UL touring.
The main thing is something that everyone does, gets some advocates, who make it into a thing, and then they go all evangelical about it. The Swiss army has had bike packing, for decades. People have been ultralight touring since there were bikes, but now it is a T-shirt. I am about to go out with my for my UL ride today, look Ma, no bags.

I have a workshop, I occasionally watch videos on how to lift the heavy things. I don't need to watch videos on how to move my ham sandwich across the shop.

Recently someone asked about chain lube on an UL tour, and a fellow poster was snarkily remarking about how the OP probably wouldn't want to carry a rag for chain care and waste a half ounce.
Why is this an issue, whether your bike needs lube, how is that a UL issue. Have you ever seen a cyclist ride with only a bike, no packs. That's UL, why do we need some nonsense thread for cycling with more than nothing, but less than a lot?

I made no attempt to convert anyone, or talk down to anyone who packs differently than me.
Everyone packs differently than everyone else, but you have an ideology about it.

So I can't comment on what you've personally experienced over the years from tourists with different opinions. Some of us pack light, some heavy, some in between. Some of us have talked to nothing but friendly people on the road, some of us have others tell us how stupid we are for using the bike / gear we do.
This is what gets me. You are riding a bike and sleeping. Reinhold Messner climbed Everest Ultralite, solo, from the Chinese side over thrity years ago. He did the Eiger with Habbeler in 10.5 hours for 6000 feet of face. Anyone with a pulse got this memo in the 70s. There is nothing to say about this related to bikes that hasn't been so overwhelmed so many years ago. It's pathetic.

But what I can comment on is my past year posting here. What I can tell you is if there are UL evangelists, I can't find them, but I can find you plenty of people who get super defensive if you talk about it, and want to keep UL tourists from posting in general touring threads, and some that even go out of there way to be idiots in threads clearly dedicated to UL touring.
Evangelism maybe not, what would that look like. Proselytizing, for sure. There is a UL industry out there. And as usual it is just consumerism of a different type. You wanta go UL you can do it by leaving your smartphone behind, or you can do it by getting it a carbon fiber case, and a special bikepaking pouch. Guess which one is the UL tourist wannabe, with the blog, gear reviews and youtube videos.

We're a small community. We should be able to get along better IMO.
That sounds like one of those everyone else needs to change, but not me statements.
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