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Well guys, I'm buying the Lemond.

First of all, I want to mention that The weather was really nice today, 55 degrees, sunny, and no wind. Perfect day for riding. so I did. I went to the shop, in shorts, and my biking shoes, and I road a Lemond Alpe d'Duez and a Trek 2000. (Both are 105) I actually liked the Lemond a lot. Steel+carbon fork = MAD SMOOTH! just for fun, I switched into the big ring, and stood up on the pedals and mashed a bit, and indeed, there was a bit of flex, but it was bearable. The 2000 had a bit more vibration, though there was not as much flex.

For some reason the 2000 had clips and straps which are deathtrap torture devices. Too tight, and you cannot get out. Too loose, and your foot slips out. Plus the 2000 is the same color as my friends bike, while the Lemond is a gorgeous green. Plus, it is cheaper!
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