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2016 - Race Results

Raced the training crit with @mattm and @aaronmcd today.

I went at the gun, was nearly dropped when Eamon (local pro/superman) pulled the pack past me about 5mph faster than I was capable of going. I rode the struggle bus for a few minutes but eventually the pack let Eamon go and I got a breather. Enough guys mustered to pull Eamon back by about the 13-minute mark.

From there it was the usual early-season crit scramble. Attack, get a break, break gets caught, go with the next attempt, etc... By the halfway mark it was me, Eamon, Matt, ColumbiaU-kit guy, and a Specialized tiny junior. Matt sat up out of the break and the 4 of us stayed away the rest of the time.

Final lap was as expected. Eamon is going to stomp us and we all know it. At 1k the junior goes. No one goes with him. About 600m Eamon jumps and CU-Kit guy somehow gets his wheel. They leave me in the dust, I pass the Jr and take 3rd. Eamon, Columbia, me, then the JR.

The pack was a ways back. Not sure what happened there.

race was 53 minutes, 325AP, 340NP. Final drag was 1min, 550w @ 28.5mph. Eamon said they hit 40mph and for once I believe it.
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