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Originally Posted by Psimet2001 View Post
No it's not. Crit bikes on hella stiff wheels and tubulars can rail corners at speeds that would make most so queasy they'd prefer to sit down. Being not aware of that fact calls directly into question with others whether or not you've ever actually been there so his question is valid.

I remember giving a brand new wheel setup and tire to a great crit dog kid one year down in a super tight crit in Champaign. He won the 1/2/3 race impressively and ended up getting an few invites to Pro NCC races that year on his way to racing pro the following season. He handed the wheels back to me after the race telling me how much he loved how he could stick everything and felt like he put 10-20 feet on those following him at every corner just because of the speed he was carrying. I looked at the tires and the hot patch was completely gone. In 1 race. he spent the majority of that race on the sidewalls.

fast and "railing" is relative. just because you can corner faster than a snail does not mean it's fast compared to other stuff. I was just saying road bicycles don't really rail. Even if the rider uses all the patch on the sidewalls, he is still relatively upright.
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