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Originally Posted by elcruxio View Post
I just recently bought new goggles which would have clear lenses for the dark winter days. I've yet to get them to fog up even though they've been used down to -22F.
I believe the non fogging lies with a few reasons

1) dual pane lens. This is actually a huge part of it. I've had several goggles in both ski and tactical variety, but these new goggles are the first with dual pane and these are the first I have not been able to fog in any situation.
100% also does make a full ventilated dual pane which would be even better, but so far I haven't been able to fog even the unventilated dual pane
2) I don't (or haven't yet, I'll buy a skull print balaclava tomorrow so this'll likely change) wear anything in front of my mouth. I've noticed that even though I get a bit on discomfort in the coldest weather, I don't need anything covering my mouth/nose
3) my new helmet (POC Fornix) has a goggle ventilation vents which push air down the goggles at all times when there's a breeze coming towards the helmet front.
Item #3 is the one that gets my attention!

I have the dual pane lenses, but I still fog and freeze. I never cover my mouth, even at -15F. I run very hot, and I do a lot of venting with my jacket to get rid of the steam and my helmet is my summer helmet with wool skull cap to allow max venting. However, having a helmet and googles designed to vent might be just the ticket! Lisa (the better half) might need this too, she doesn't run hot but has a lot of icing issues and can not go without lenses cause she tears up so bad in the cold.
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