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Thanks, CO_Hoya (!) Your picture shows the same 60cm size as mine with 57.5cm top tube.

Same frame it is. Same Gipiemme dropouts and details. Your link gave me all the info I could want.
I guess I would say that this is the standard-formula mid-80's Nottingham Raleigh road bike.
From 1989 or so they had moved on to Technium frames, with available 753 OS main tubes, and still with steep 74-degree angles.

I wonder what the name on the top tube was for my frame. The little decals are long gone. (EDIT: it's Gran Course alright)

Not that it matters. It's not a great-looking frame in such well-used condition as mine, so warrants a possible refinishing but I would not bother with the shadowing fade on the tubes.

Raleigh calls it "Variable Geometry", but I just call it "steep". Ought to be "sprightly" as Charles Wahl had observed.

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