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Originally Posted by Hypno Toad View Post
I stopped using googles a while ago, they'd fog and freeze (& for the record, I'm a snowboarder and have high quality snowboard googles). Now I use aviators, for as long as I can. They will fog and freeze too - after about 8 miles yesterday, I had to put the glasses away and go bare faced.

I think my feet are going to need chemical heat pads for sub-zero rides. Not my favorite choice, but not sure where else to go.
Immediately after buying a different balaclava for cold riding, I ran across this Klim Glacier Men's Ski Snowmobile Balaclava which actually has a specific has a "Neoprene Breath Box Deflects Moisture Down And Away From Goggles":


Unfortunately I haven't used it (did I mention I ran across it immediately after buying a different one?) but it looked very interesting for avoiding fogging up glasses or goggles.

P.S. They make another very slightly cheaper model as well here where a lot of the reviewers claim it worked great for not fogging goggles or glasses. Only common complaint is that it's to hot for milder weather:

P.P.S. From reading through this thread here:

It looks like that second one (Klim Artic) is the warmer model, while the top model (Klim Glacier) is a less warm model. The Artic is apparently to warm for some people.

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