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Originally Posted by dunderhi View Post
Okay, I'm old dog trying to learn a new trick...

I want to give wattage-based training a try this season. So far, I have a TACX Neo trainer with the TrainerRoad software and have started Base Phase workouts this week. I've also developed season goals and mapped out a training plan with general track racing and pursuiting in mind; no crits or road racing. I have two pursuits as my ultimate goals and I should have two opportunities to race pursuits prior to those events. I have two road bikes that have similar geometries to my mass start and pursuit bike that I plan to use on my trainer. I also have a road bike with a more relaxed geometry that I prefer for outdoor training due to the local terrain which requires a lot of climbing (not a flat mile to be found).

Am I good leaving the power-based training to the trainer and my road miles would be on rest days or would it be better to start equipping bikes too? If yes, which bike(s) would be most important: the road bike with many more miles of training opportunities, the mass start track bike that I will race once a week, or the pursuit bike to support key event measurements prior to the big events? I prefer to have longer crank arms on my pursuit bike, so transferring cranks between bikes wouldn't be ideal, but doable if compatible. Which are the best steps equipment-wise? Which brands/models are the most accurate and reliable (that is, if those two can be combined)? As far as equipment preferences, I like Shimano Dura Ace for both road and track, but I'm not 100% hardover on that line-up. Your thoughts will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Where are you mentally on doing most of your training indoors? What's your budget for power meters? If your main goal is pursuit and your budget allows, I'd want a pm on that bike. The caveat is there aren't many good track bike options. Personally I'd also put a pm on your outdoor road bike because you can ride that on the trainer as well. If you're on your mass start bike a couple times a week I wouldn't worry about the positon difference between relaxed road and mass start track at all. I would worry about adaptation and power loss in the aero position on the pursuit bike; between power drop and being your main goal I'd really want power on that bike, and plan to train in that position until you get the power drop down to, say, 5% from your mass start position.

You can move the power meter on your pursuit bike to your mass start bike if you're motivated enough, but I wouldn't consider that super necessary.
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