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@wens Thanks!

Originally Posted by wens View Post
Where are you mentally on doing most of your training indoors?
My motivation is high with the trainer, but the reality check for me is that it is only January. I'm not sure what my motivation will be for indoor training in June, since I've never stayed indoors beyond March in the past. TrainerRoad does provide a different workout for almost session, so there's a chance it might stay fresh. Also, periodization and power trainer is new to me, so maybe I could remain focused on the big picture rather than each Saturday's results.

Originally Posted by wens View Post
What's your budget for power meters?
Tough question, if it was up to me, I would equip each bike with a PM, but Mrs D would have a much different perspective. So for now, let's assume that I can get one - independent of price.

Originally Posted by wens View Post
If your main goal is pursuit and your budget allows, I'd want a pm on that bike. The caveat is there aren't many good track bike options.
I found this, which looks like a pretty nice track solution: SRM Training System - Track

Originally Posted by wens View Post
Personally I'd also put a pm on your outdoor road bike because you can ride that on the trainer as well.
My indoor trainer already has power.

Originally Posted by wens View Post
If you're on your mass start bike a couple times a week I wouldn't worry about the position difference between relaxed road and mass start track at all.
Got it. I'll also be using my mass start bike on the rollers during the winter/preseason.

Originally Posted by wens View Post
I would worry about adaptation and power loss in the aero position on the pursuit bike; between power drop and being your main goal I'd really want power on that bike, and plan to train in that position until you get the power drop down to, say, 5% from your mass start position.
I have a matching time trial bike that I was planning to use on the indoor trainer to get comfortable with the aero position and power delivery.

Originally Posted by wens View Post
You can move the power meter on your pursuit bike to your mass start bike if you're motivated enough, but I wouldn't consider that super necessary.
I use 165 & 170mm cranks on my mass start bike and 172.5mm with the potential of going to 175mm on my pursuit bike. If I only have one unit, do you think it would be better to pick one (170?) and share between the bikes? I find I can spin quite well in a mass start, but I tend to push in the pursuit. Hopefully the trainer will allow me experiment much more than I have in the past.
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