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Originally Posted by wens View Post
Saddle is a phenom, so relatively flat. I think I would have been fine on 3 degrees after a slightly hokey measurement, so I'm not very worried about 9.

Wheels are planet x, so gigantex rims and, I'm guessing, formula hubs. Not super light. Sounds like I should be fine, I suppose I'll stand on a scale with the bike so I feel better though.
HA! I also used a Phenom, stellar track saddle for years- until I got myself into a +45' track race, then I realized that it didn't have enough padding
Good luck, what's the event you are looking at, something to the north of US?

Originally Posted by carleton View Post
Bathroom scales can be off by a lot. .
they can, but I *think* I recall Wens talking about weight and tracking his reasonably well - it's at least a start and I think he's likely using a decent one.

Wens - One other thing you can do is go to any bike shop you like, they'll have a scale and can sort out the weight stuff for you.
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