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Originally Posted by Hida Yanra View Post
HA! I also used a Phenom, stellar track saddle for years- until I got myself into a +45' track race, then I realized that it didn't have enough padding
Good luck, what's the event you are looking at, something to the north of US?

they can, but I *think* I recall Wens talking about weight and tracking his reasonably well - it's at least a start and I think he's likely using a decent one.

Wens - One other thing you can do is go to any bike shop you like, they'll have a scale and can sort out the weight stuff for you.
I actually have phenoms on all my bikes, so I've gotten accustomed to the lack of padding. I actually used the first iteration of the ronin for a while, but I kept breaking shells somehow.

Heading up to race in Ontario. It's a good thing the people who complain about usac rules don't have to deal with UCI ones, they'd lose their s***. So many of these rules are just not well executed.
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