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@Dalai Thanks!

Originally Posted by Dalai View Post
Really depends on which bike you will be riding the key sessions on? You said your trainer has power, if using this primarily for your intervals you will ideally want to ride the bike with the PM a few times to see how close the trainer is to the PM which I would expect to be more accurate.

Normally if only having one PM, I'd suggest the road bike if that is your primary interval bike. I have SRM's on most of my bikes. Of all the bikes the least beneficial is on the CX bike, closely followed by the track bike as I do most of my key interval work outs on the road bike. On the track the one real benefit I've found it having data from my Pursuits to review and plan my training accordingly.
Given my local undulating terrain, I find it difficult to have a regimented/planned training program. Normally, it's either climb hard or climb harder, which isn't always a lot of fun for a big guy. So the intervals on the trainer seemingly would be the best route to go.

Originally Posted by Dalai View Post
Since you plan on using the trainer once you can confirm its accuracy then a Track PM could be a good thing. Not sure about the Rotor Track SRM, but be aware the SRM crankarmed Track cranks were not waterproof. Worth noting if you wanted to use outdoors in inclement weather. You can though actually change the crank arms if you want to have different lengths. My older cranks have the bolts accessible from the front and I did buy a set of 175mm arms with the intention to swap from the 170mm arms for pursuits. Since I've read a number of studies, but mostly couldn't be bothered so have stuck with the 170's for pursuiting and bunch races.
Again, I'm an old dog learning new tricks, so I guess I'm willing to give one length of arm for both events a try.

Originally Posted by Dalai View Post
Another better valued track crank (not sure if waterproof) is the Power2Max units. Only downside IMO with the P2Max unit is you can't do a static calibration like an SRM to confirm the slope value is correct. This may not be an issue for you but I am disappointed this cannot be done otherwise they have been around a while now and I haven't heard of many issues since they started producing V2.
I do like the pricing of Power2Max option. Is calibration an issue with these crankset-type PMs? More specifically, if you have calibratable unit, does it need much calibration?
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