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You might want to upgrade the bike. Generally bikes like that have lower end components and aren't worth putting a bunch of money in. If it were an older 7 speed bike with Dura Ace, Ultegra/600, 105 in the road range or XT, Deore, LX in the mountain range I would say you might put money towards it and me I would run it on friction unless I could find some old shifter that were in good shape for not too much coin.

If you wanted Bar End shifters you can get the Ultegra 8 speed, Dura Ace 9, 10 or 11 speed (some are indexed left meaning you can only run 2X front and some are friction based meaning you can run 3x) or ZIPP Vuka R2C 10 speed (two different version one is for SRAM and one for Shimano) and Microshift has some in 8-11 for Shimano derailleurs (some can be run on friction) SRAM has 10 and 11 speed shifters and also some in R2C (return to center) but I don't think can be run on friction and are for SRAM Derailleurs. Campagnolo also has bar end shifters also in 10 and 11 speeds and are for Campy derailleurs. You can also find some friction ones such as the Silver Shifters from Rivendell Bikes.

You can also find some vintage or NOS stuff on the electronicBays or

All of that could but put on a modern drop bar road bike but you would need to pay your favorite local shop to install them and then you would probably want to sell the "Brifters" that came on it and also add some drop bar brake levers like the S500s from SRAM which look nice and feel nicer. TRP, Cane Creek, Tektro also do some decent ones but my faves are from SRAM (no matter how much Shimano blue courses through my veins I will always like SRAM brake levers are better)
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