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Originally Posted by Banzai View Post
Salty, cruddy roads.

What do you do for post ride cleanup? I can't really run the garden hose, and I don't want to spray the bike down to let it freeze with a bunch of water on it.

But, I don't want to kill my bike either.
I have a Pugsley (steel frame), I ride in daily in the winter (200 to 300 miles a month). I ride it on roads and on trails. It gets lots of snow, slush, road spray, and road salt on it. My basics for the bike in the winter:

Before bring the brand new bike home - shop applied frame saver. Basically spray a wax inside the frame.
Start of winter conditions, clean bike completely, use wax (T-9) to cover the whole frame.
About once a week or 100 miles (more often in wet/slushy conditions) add T-9 to chain and derailleurs.
Leave bike in garage after rides with no extra attention. IF the bike comes inside, be sure it can stay warm long enough to completely dry.
About once a month or prior to a race/event, bring the bike in to give a full wash and wax.

You will find parts of the bike will brake down faster with winter riding, and anything less than a deep cleaning after every ride, this is still going to happen. Best advice is expect to replace components more often or spend extra on winter specific components designed for the harsh winter conditions.
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