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Curses to you Foghat!

Weather couldn't have been more perfect here on the North Shore of New orleans. 68 degrees, with a slight crosswind on the out and back, legs feeling fresh, fully hydrated, New (used) bike dialed in. slight cloud cover, just a beautiful day. I'm loving the bike by the way. It's absolutely the most comfortable I've been on a bike. It soaks up the rough spots and when I stand to sprint it jumps forward beneath me. I couldn't be happier.

I get to my favorite spot for time trialing, Just a perfectly flat road with no stops and almost no traffic, and feel good enough to torture myself for an hour to remind myself what it feels like to be alive, miserable, and happy all at the same time.

About 8 minutes into the wind-sucking sweatfest, i'm baffled when my brain starts repeating "slow ri-i-i-i-de, take it e-e-e-e-easy."

I tried to ignore it, but it's as if Foghat were actually standing between my ears and the imaginary concert grew to a dramatic crescendo. It's fortunate that I've never actually seen the performers of this particular classic rock anthem, as I'm sure my mind's eye would have projected a writhing, denim-clad, frizzy-haired, man's man with his fist in the air belting it out to a sea of rednecks with lighters in the air and budweisers to their lips.
I tried to clear it out by doing the mental singing thing, not actually singing with my mouth, but singing in my head. It didn't work. That only reaffirmed the fact that Foghat was there, and legitimized the imaginary concert, thereby making it infinitely more difficult to quell the annoyance.

after forty minutes of this madness, i quit fighting it and just accepted the fact they were performing encore after encore of this one line and had no intention of calling it quits. I sped it up to match my cadence (which was nice of them to comply with.)

I did beat my personal best for the hour, no thanks to those rotten bastards. and for that, I'm happy.

Curses to you Foghat, wherever you are.

My question is this? Is this normal and a physical response to extreme exertion, or am I on the verge of cracking up? Has anyone had a similar experience?
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