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Originally Posted by bigbossman
I didn't think anyone remembered or even listened to that LP anymore. I made a mix for the local spin class I go to, and included "Light Up Or Leave Me Alone" as one of the warm-up tunes.

Rocked the house with that CD mix, and it sure was welcome relief from the usual crap they play in those classes.
Since I am old (50+) I listen to very little of the current offerings. Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, and Elvis Costello are about it.

Another song that gets stuck in my head when hammering is Rory Gallagher's "Country Mile" on the album "Calling Card". It's pretty obscure for a US audience, but a very fast blues number. I'm guessing it would be a great tune to spin to.

"Well I was born on the side of the road,
A gap in the hedge,
Did you hear what I said,
Born in a house with no slates,
But I wouldn't switch,
I didn't have a stitch,
I've always been out on a limb,
I've been hard to mend,
Like a kick in the shin.

You'll only see me smile,
When I eat up a country mile.

Gotta make tracks,
Gotta raise the dust,
Grease my heels,
Out race the bus,
Don't blink your eyes,
Or you won't see me again."
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