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Yeah, you're cracking up...nah, not really.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby, played non-stop in my head while I was solo climbing Mt. Ishpa in the Cariboo mountains of BC...and I mean playing LOUD, as if I had headphones on. Partner got ill and stopped, I continued to where the climbing became dangerous...and the music just came on. It was bizarre!! Oddly enough, it seemed to help me concentrate. I had to cross a narrow snowy bit near the summit, but didn't like the looks of it, so reached out with a boot and kicked a step into it without committing to the move. The top inch or so of the snow broke loose below my boot and started sliding down. The slide widened and dropped out of sight, but I heard the snow continue hissing as it went down the steeper section. Eventually I saw a huge plume of dirty snow and rocks launch out far from the mountain, perhaps 1,000 feet below me. The underlying snow was solid enough to cross the slope without dying, so I went for it.

Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida played on.

Another Half-Told tale by Starclimber.

Biking, I get Balinese gamelan music playing on occasion. Very soothing and rhythmical it is, and helps to keep my cadence steady.
Coach Bill

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