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Originally Posted by 1955
Man I don't believe this, I was a die hard Rory Gallagher fan for many years, saw him in concert a couple of times and even waited by the back stage door of the Long Beach Auditorium with a couple of friends and talked to him for awhile, (he was holding that old beat up Fender of his) really nice guy. I gave away all my albums a couple of years ago (don't ask) among them were a few Rory Gallagher albums. No one even knows whom I'm talking about if I mention his name anymore.

Another Rory fan! We seem to be few and far between. I loved his stuff.

I still have a lot of his music on vinyl, but I don't have the right kind of sound card to transfer it to digital. Sounds like a worthwhile project as I hardly listen to my vinyl anymore because of the pain of cleaning and getting up every 15 minutes or so to flip the LP. It is so much easier to put a number of CDs in the changer and hit "Play".

Had "Cradle Rock" pop into my head a number of times today when doing intervals. RIP, Rory.
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