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1981 Fuji Royale bottom bracket sizing help please


Apologies if I'm breaking protocol -
I posted this thread in "Bicycle Mechanics":

and folks were very helpful - however, I found new info and made some more measurements and I'm completely at a loss -

Briefly, I need to replace the spindle on my bottom bracket.
The only marking on the existing spindle is 2S, which I could not find in Sheldon's list,so I was working off of measurements - the closest I could come to the list in the charts was the Sugino 3N at 32-52-36 (120). I believe that would be ISO also.

However, I did just find the 2S in the Sutherland book, and the spec for it says:JIS, 32-50.5-37.5 (also 120).

It occurred to me that I've been trying to match this spindle, and I don't even know if it is the original or spec size.

So I measured the BB shell (I'm not sure why I had just assumed it would be 65 earlier) - The shell measures as 69.x mm - close enough to 70mm.

This throws me off, as the 2S spindle that's been in there for the past 20 years at least is clearly listed as for a 65mm shell.

Also I had assumed I have the most common English thread cups (I'm not changing them) so then it would have to be 65mm or 68mm.

Now, I don't know what spindle size to get to get the right clearances and front Der. reach - (The crankset is the original Fuji which from the spec sheet is Tourist 2AC)

I'm wondering if anyone has actual specs - or wouldn't mind measuring - and 81 Fuji Royale - BB shell and spindle size?

Am I seeing things, or did the Royale really have a 70mm bracket (and does that mean it's not English?)

Spindle length? A-B-C? Still 120mm total?

And finally, am I looking for ISO or JIS taper for the Fuji cranks?

Any help will be greatly appreciated -

Thanks- and apologies if I should have posted this in the Mechanics thread -

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