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Originally Posted by workingthrewit View Post
Could you guys please provide some recommendations for bib shorts for people with short legs and a long torso?
Boure does custom sizing for 20% more. I'm going to get my next set made with an extra 1.5" of rise in front so my abs don't show when I wear jerseys that fit. Might get bibs too because custom can include longer suspenders sized for my height (5'9.5", 30" pants leg) on shorts which fit the rest of me (26" waist, 34" glutes).

I need something that stays cool, as I get hot really easily. I also need something that can keep me comfortable on a century. I'm also open to bib shorts that are comfortable up to 50 miles, but I would like to know which ones handle a century fine. Thanks a lot.
I like the Boure PRO short (also available as a bib) with a flat synthetic leather chamois for at least 200 km / 133 miles. I'll find out in 3/2016 whether they also work for 300 km / 200 mile rides. $100 short / $120 bib. Made in Colorado, 100% guaranteed.

Voler's Black Label might work too. They use an Elastic Interface Technology pad with 120kg/m^3 foam beneath the sit bones I don't sink too far into (although I weigh under 140 pounds, so YMMV) which stays comfortable for more than two hours, and compression fabric so you can probably get away with a size that's too big circumferentially but has correct length suspenders. $120 short / $140 bib. Made in California, 100% guaranteed.

Soft pads are not comfortable after a few hours. Excess where the pad meets your thighs also becomes intolerable.

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