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Originally Posted by LtAldoRaine View Post
Is this bike worth $250?
Vintage bikes are funky. Most of them don't really have any collector value, and the market is rich with nice specimens.

If you like it and it's actually in good condition, then from a functional point of view $250 isn't a bad price for what a bike like that is offering. Downtubes are a slower interface than brifters, older brakes typically need a stronger squeeze that the modern stuff, and you might wind up with a higher granny than you'd get these days, but a good bike from a few decades ago can still be a well-built machine that offers a very good ride. Not to mention, that bike is pretty hot, and even if it was a crap bike, hotness is probably worth ten or twenty watts.

On the other hand, it probably wouldn't take all that much effort to secure a bike that offers a similar ride for cheaper, or potentially even that bike for cheaper if someone else doesn't grab it.
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