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Originally Posted by dedhed View Post

I have a Trek 1000SL frame that is definitely welded, but must have been a decade and a half newer than the OP's frame.

I have been riding on a Schwinn bonded aluminum fork (used purchase, unknown model & history), on my winter commuter for a little over a year without any issues.

I suppose one would want to check all the joints very closely.

Nonetheless, the bonded aluminum might give the bike a bit more of a classic/vintage feel rather than the more ordinary welded aluminum bikes you can buy at Walmart.

Originally Posted by Retro Grouch View Post
I'd go to the bank and get 5 $50.00 bills. Put 3 of them in one pocket and wave them in front of the seller as if that's all that you have.
Personally I dislike making an appointment without the anticipating of actually buying something, nor do I plan on yanking someone's chain. I've had enough sellers do that to me.

But if you do choose to dicker, then if all you have are $50 bills, your bids will likely increment by $50. Perhaps fill the last one with 2 $20's and 1 $10.
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