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Saddle Sore - what an intro?


Based in the UK. Just looking at this stage for good sound advice for a rider suffering with what I'm fairly sure (according to various sites relating to the condition) is a case of saddle sore.

Although I have ridden the same MTB, namely a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp for over 8 years. It's only the past 1-2 years whereby I have encountered discomfort in the gluteus maximum region, and more recently it's escalated somewhat. Now have a fleshy lump near one of the 'sit bones' (ischia tuberosities), not surprisingly, the one that hurts. Consequently, no riding at the moment.

Ok, I always wear padded shorts/trs, am roughly same weight, same saddle. However, I do tend to stay in the saddle, even during steep hill climbs (probably doesn't help, I know) and have been going more distance and hill work over recent months. I guess I'm answering some of my own questions, but I just wanted to consult you Guy's to see what constructive, sound advice you can kindly offer?

Thanks for your time.


Chris JL
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