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Thanks 'PedallingWalrus'.

No I don't wear underwear under the padded shorts/trs. I haven't tried cream yet, but feel I should give it a go.

Just walking for exercise at the moment, but keen to get back in the saddle. Talking of which, I reckon I need to review the entire saddle situation. No, I haven't moved or altered the saddle. However, I do spend virtually all the time in it, without standing. Stubbornly perhaps, just to keep the crank turning, particularly up longer, steeper climbs (bit of a personal challenge) in preparation for entry to 'Challenge rides' in the Summer, I hope.

I might consult the GP if recovery is too slow. I guess the fleshy lump near the left 'sit bone' is nature's way of buffering injury etc?

Thanks again.

Happy and comfortable riding.

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