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Westside Loop

This morning I did a 38mi loop. Started out along the Grand Canal at 27th Ave similar to last week. This time I rode to the end where it empties into the New River. Then follow the New River Trail north to Skunk Creek. Skunk Creek trail around to the Arizona Canal. Then I followed the Arizona Canal approximately ESE to 25th Ave. From there it is a short jaunt to 23rd Ave & Dunlap. Then follow 23rd Ave S to my neighborhood.

My photography still leaves something to be desired. The pix here are more snapshots than quality pics. I will place some of the pix in this post. There are more here:

First I had breakfast at McDs. From there I rode to 27th Ave & the Grand Canal. It was around 6:15. I'm riding my hybrid today.

[IMG]Abandoned place by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

From here I ride west. Again I follow the Bethany Home Outflow Channel and the Grand Canal Linear Park. They both follow the canal closely but meander some. The Grand Canal Linear Park goes under major streets giving an easier way to negotiate the majors. However there are not restrooms along the park. Nor a good place to hide behind a bush. When I have to I use the Glendale Heroes Park just E. of 83rd on the N. side of Bethany Home Rd.

This time I pass the stadium. Then cross the 101 a local freeway. I keep going to approx 103rd Ave. There is a lot of water east of 103rd Ave. Hardly any west of this spot. It must be splitting off here to local farms.

The "trail" west from here is actually a gravel residential road with horse properties on the south and fields to the north. After about a half mi you come to the end.

[IMG]The end of the Grand Canal by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

From here I traveled north on the New River trail. It is paved. But both sides of the trail are fenced in. Just across the river I can see Glendale Airport. The New River trail goes under major roads. Although there are no signs to tell you where you are until Olive Ave. Between Peoria and Grand Ave there is a pond.

[IMG]Pond by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

With several geese hanging around. When I stopped to take a pic they turned and looked suspiciously at me.

[IMG]Geese by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Next to Grand Ave is the RR tracks.

[IMG]RR tracks next to Grand Ave by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

I don't know what the shade is for. Reminds me of a bus stop. But this is a MUP in the middle of a river. At this point you can ride the New River trail on either side of the river. I get on the east side.

Next stop is for a snack.

[IMG]Snack Time by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

After my break I quickly come to the Rio Vista Community Park. There is a huge pedestrian bridge crossing the river here.

[IMG]Bridge over New River by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

From here if you want to stay on the New River Trail get on the west side. This is where Skunk Creek meets the New River. I stay on the east side and follow Skunk Creek trail. In a little more than a mile you come to where the Arizona Canal meets Skunk Creek. I stay on Skunk Creek trail and go under 75th Ave. Skunk Creek trail turns north about 73rd Ave. I continue easterly along the Arizona Canal. At this point I see signs saying I'm in the Thunderbird Paseo Park. Thunderbird Paseo Park continues until at least 59th Ave. The trail on the north side underpasses major roads. And there is shady spots and restrooms along the way.

From here my mind is kinda on automatic. Nothing hurts but I'm tired. I stop here for one more pic.

[IMG]Street Art by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

When I get to 25th Ave I'm about 5 mi from home. I've traveled all the way from the end of the Grand Canal to 25th Ave without having to worry about traffic. Well there were pedestrians and other bikes. But all in all it was a quiet ride.

OK the numbers.

38.4 miles
2 hours 53 min riding time
I left home about 5:20 and returned about 10:15.

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