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XL Bike Sizes Typically Not Available in Local Bike Stores

The problem I run into at most of the local bike shops is that I need a larger-size frame, and most of them don't seem to carry the larger-sized bikes to take out on a test ride.

What's the common thing to do here? I have no idea if it's common practice for a shop to order a larger-sized bike to put on display at their store if they find that a customer is wanting to test-ride the bike? I'm down to 2-3 different road bikes that I'm considering buying, but none of the local shops have the size I typically ride. What I'm thinking about her is the situation that if I ask all 3 bike shops if they can get my size in, chances are that 2 of the shops are going to get the bike in, I'm going to take 10-15 minutes to ride the bike, and I'm ultimately going to buy a bike potentially from the 3rd, completely separate store. Not sure if this is common-place for bike shops and just a standard cost of doing business or what?

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