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Originally Posted by Sy Reene View Post
Agree with most of what you said. FWIW I think that the brands' distributorships should actually be held responsible for having available demo models that they can loan out to the LBS's -- especially bikes that perhaps are in odd sizes. They should not have to carry one of each trim level, just one of each frame I'd think (eg. Trek ALR5, but no need to have and ALR4 and ALR6 to demo as well). Actually, it really should be part of the distributorships responsibility to take returns as well (if, for example, returned within a week or so).

Re: the internet, actually, with so many of the 100% satisfaction guarantee sites, you can pretty much test ride anything you want to order and pay for; you just have to deal with hassle of shipping back and waiting for the refund if it doesn't work out.
Packing & shipping & unpacking using normal freight channels will cost a minimum of $50. It could be an expensive demo to have floating around the country.

A few demos, and the bike will be battered, and thus could only be sold as a demo (not that stores don't like any excuse to put stuff on sale).

Around here we have chain auto parts stores that have somewhat of a distributed inventory. They know what the inventory is in all of the other stores around town. So for slow moving items, they might only have 1 or 2 in the city, then either send the customer to the other store, or get an inter-store transfer. They have a regular warehouse restocking that they're always happy to throw extra items on the truck.

Are there big cities that might have multiple dealerships for a single brand that could do the same. Give the extra-small bikes to one store and the extra-larges to another, then move bikes around town? Or, perhaps do so on a state level? Also use a similar method with components, so perhaps only carry one or two complete super-record gruppos with provisions to get it (or parts from it) to the stores taht need it.
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