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Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
Difference : carry in stock on speculation of a walk-in customer that size Vs Able to Order from importing-distributor Warehouse..

the warehouse may have remnants from a past year , and discount passed along to the customer by the dealer.

Bill Walton and those his size just have to go Built to Measure Custom. but you'd get just the right thing.
Old stock may only be pertinent if there wasn't a major redesign in the bike. Roubaix SL2, SL3, or SL4, etc. At which point the prices could just plummet.

Discounted bikes are always a mixed deal for a shop. It may help them move stock which is good, but then they aren't getting the full profit potential.

I suppose for any business this all comes down to economic choices.
  • Does one wish to expand one's customer base to as many non-standard riders as possible?
  • Does one wish to move as many standard products as possible at a minimum cost.
Have we even defined what the OP's XL size was?

One of the issues is that some manufactures have completely been dropping the extra-small and extra-large bikes.

It may be easier to throw together a basic steel frame from 42cm up to 70cm than a carbon fiber frame that might need a completely different mold for each size. Even hydroformed aluminum may be restricted with what they can do with the tubes at the size extremes.
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