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The plot thickens - Police trying to question the boy at school ... drama ... stuffz

Man I miss the drama free days of shoveling snow in Arkansas....

So, my ex only tells me stuff when she knows I'm going to find out later, and wants to do some damage control. The police showing up at my kid's school to "question" the boy, is something I might find out about. So she calls and feeds me a story about the boy getting in trouble at school for writing some novel about a soldier (cuz violence, apparently). But the school said they never called the police on the boy and he never got in trouble for nothing. The school deputy also denies that the boy ever got into trouble at school. The boy on the other hand, does remember the police showing up at the school, to "question him" about something... but then he heard my ex on the phone telling them that they can't question the boy without she being there ... yada yada...

At first I thought it was all a made up story by my crazy ex, cuz she likes to create drama out of thin air every once in a while. But thinking about my conversations with the school faculty/deputy, something keeps popping up. They keep mentioning that if the boy was wanted for questioning, something must had happen outside the school.

Now it's starting to look like something else happened, that has nothing to do with my boy's war novel, and the police wanted to question my boy about that... she stopped them, then made the story about the novel as a smoke screen. If the police showed up at the school to talk to my boy, for something that has nothing to do with the school, it could be that the school have no idea about what happened.

I ignored when she lost the job as correctional officer after getting pregnant from the ex-convict boyfriend who was on probation for drug trafficking charges... Her life, her issues... but if my boy is getting questioned by the police, and it turns out something else happened... it's on.

...and again, I really miss the drama free snow shoveling days in Arkansas... so pretty and beautiful up there.
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