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Worst brand name to put on my bike?

Hi all,

A few years ago I did a fun little project; I learned what I could about frame geometries and then designed my own bike frame. I had a Chinese framebuilder make it, which worked out very well. I think it turned out rather nice. Plus, it was cheaper than I would have expected.

I purposefully chose the unfinished titanium. I thought polished titanium finish would shout out to thieves "Expensive bike! Please STEAL ME!!!" Even though the frame didn't cost much, I don't want it to look expensive.

Next month I'm going to hop on the bike and pedal to Argentina (barring castastrophe). I want it to look even cheaper. But I don't want to spray paint it or paste ugly stickers, as that would just be mean to my beloved bike.

But I had what I think is a genius idea... stick a brand name on the bike that will make it look like junk. I want it to shout out to the thieves "I'm a piece of junk! Don't waste your time!!!"

I have a graphic design buddy who can make any logo into a sticker. So the question is... which brand name shall I post on the frame?

I have an idea of which brand, but I want to see if there are any other great suggestions out there. Thanks!
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