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Long arm's, knife like elbow...to be avoided

My current bicycle, an early 1970's Windsor Carerra Sport; was produced with only a decal on the headstock, to identify the brand name & trademark.

After having found the bike at a flea market in unrideable condition for $20 during 1997, I recognized from having had one new; and then pouring lots of time and effort into recreating the machine as a fine fifteen speed, with fenders, more upright style handlebars with front & rear carriers and also a generator headlight, tail light set-up, a total of a hundred dollars invested:

I went to the local police station to get a California bicycle license and sticker for the frame; to find that the cops considered my bike "contraband" since there was no metal insignia on the headset, which could identify the bike.

I was lucky, since a local dealer I took my bike to willingly made me a certificate he created; designating the bike as what that is, for legal purposes-so the police gave me what I'd sought. Though I sure went through some moments of angst over the situation; probably anyone can imagine, at least somewhat.

Now, I've noticed on the internet probably though this website; there are available for about $35 sets of Windsor Carerra Sport decals, for the headset, cross member, and the downtube below the seat.

I'd have to repaint the frame, is what I think; to use these without feeling I'd be creating problems trying to pass the decals off as authentic...which could be difficult, is what I think-even were the job a fairly good one.*

For one thing, with that much work done; a person would perhaps enjoy recreation of the whole paint scheme, as an alternative to the factory original. So, something which anyone might question; if there were suspicions involved, I guess my prior authentication would be a reasonable qualification for.

Otherwise, this sort of thing must be a stickler anyone who takes on an older bicycle's restoration "better than new" might run up against; unfavorably?

*Just to make the paint job good enough, the decals would attach successfully-could end up a headache, if not done well; where otherwise a rougher surface, would be fine or even preferred...as with one aftermarket product that comes as either a paint on or spray can; which acts as a rust preventative, that goes on over rust left purposely still a little intact-the preventative adheres within and chemically attacks...the manufacturer also promotes as a good primer coat, which unlike some primers can serve without further coats of other paint.

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