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Originally Posted by Camilo View Post
I'm not exactcly sure what you're asking. But, for what it's worth, nobody in the world will care about your restoration of the Windsor. Do what you like, make it look how you like it.
Well, to be able to go back into Cali, if repainted and/or primered; I think I'd have to paint around the current license, or get them to give me a second one to attach once the frame were repainted.

Otherwise, I'd be vulnerable to the "contraband" effect since no one there within their state apparatus, would know what the bike was. Perhaps I could do some motivated begging, though that's no fun even when a success.

Or, as before, find a dealer or some sort of person within the trade or business; who'd give me an affidavit which states what the bike was, no?

I'd forgotten REI had the Carabellas, by the way; which back then may've still been sold from only their single outlet store in Seattle? Since my bicycle came from a place here in Bellingham then; this sort of suggests that those bikes had a regional following, with strong Mexican vibes...

About ten years after buying mine, I got to meet former Mexican national racing team mechanic Segundo "Angel" Rodriguiez and his wife living in Ojai, CA by then retired who had a little 1920s "auto court" style apartment with an attached garage where he worked on local folks' bicycles. A trim modest man in his early sixties still smoking Camel straights; who told me a lot about my bike, he'd said was made using an Italian factory and a copy of a French design mating a quick handling race bike type frame to touring.

The scene there must've been a little creepy, as after awhile when I'd gone north to work picking apples near Tonasket, WA the fall of '83 and had left my bicycle with a lady friend whose male companion rode track bikes between LA & Ojai often; he'd let a friend of his use my bike who regularly rode that to a dishwashing job he'd had at a local Ojai bowling alley. There, someone who'd not liked him very much, a sort of hapless pauper of diminutive stature; took my bike and drove over that with a four by four pickup truck.

I did get to salvage what remained useful off the frame, a local mechanic had managed to get ahold of and store with a passel of bicycles he'd had; an interesting fellow himself I'd met working at a commercial repair shop in town which featured good jazz playing over their radio in the shop area of the place which seemed devoted entirely to repair without any retail sales. He'd also worked at times in a favored diner there Shirley's as their fry cook; and was one of the town's parole/probation officers too, I think dealt mostly with youth at risk in trouble with the law.

The poor fellow who'd had the dishwashing job acted deeply chagrined, since he'd had no way to compensate me for my loss, other than my having been able to salvage parts including a nice generator light set-up and a few other things; soon ending up on my Raleigh Colt when I got that for $15 from a thrift store in Snohomish, WA and restored the thing-including changing over to an easier to overhaul normal Sturmey-Archer three speed hub, rather than the coaster brake three speed the bike came with.

I'd liked having the normal hand brake on the back too, though had the coaster brake been easier to work on I did attempt with mixed results; I'd of probably kept that...nothing like being able to waste a few miles of rubber and get a good screeching sound out of the tire, when locking up the back wheel with a coaster brake. I still out of long habit, make motorcycle type sound effects when I'm riding; or even sometimes when I'm not, in various situations...and will probably trash a set of playing cards too, someday-for the fun of that pastime...getting them set up to flap against the spokes for the sound effect.

I wonder if that is really bad for the spokes, as people used to complain; trying to get us to stop using playing cards that way?

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