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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post

??? Huh?

The license requirement is local (not state wide).


Wow, looks like I'd been caught in the snares of the worst of the phenomena; so good to learn a little about that, rather than getting dissed as if a moron.

My worst trials were circa 1998...where anyone reading my experience can see that I'm well sensitive as well as imaginative about the problems, which led to abandonment of licensing there. Any thief could easily peal off the state license sticker; so not that great a deterrent to theft, as far as I can see?

Maybe a better plan, could be some sort of relatively simple device; inserted into the frame's tubing, which could be identified from outside the bike somehow?

Or better, if one was able to somehow identify their bicycle as unique; like a tattoo, with a human being. I keep my bike purposely funky, since at least a little less attractive to theft that way. I think one reason I got the bike back following a recent theft; is the thieves imagine my doing various upgrades, which would make the bike more valuable to purloin.

For instance, my beloved generator light system, got heavily trashed; I'd fabricated quite a lot of myself, the various means of attaching the head and tail lights and the generator itself. Now all bent up, which I'm not sure could be repaired; I guess they imagine my spending down on one of those stupid over-bright rechargeable lighting systems, which I hate.

Talk with a city bus driver about those; who are irked at the blinding effect of the headlights, while liking the very visible red rear lights.
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