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Originally Posted by RubenX View Post
And the teacher also screwed up big time. All my son did was to have a copy on his phone of a novel he's writing, about a soldier in a war. It's a document, few pages long. The teacher got a hold of the document somehow, took pieces of the story and reported them as "text messages"... She paid special attention to a part of the story where the battalion has to move, and they are talking about the logistics of moving equipment, supplies and duh, weapons. The way she reported it, made it look like my son was sending text messages about "don't forget to bring the 90 caliber bolt action and the c4". When in fact there is no such "text message", it's a snip of a word document.
Wow this really hits home for me, my 14 yr old is writing a novel that is heavily video game (hence combat) inspired. He is using the tools his education has given him, google docs, so yeah it is on his phone and anyone else's he shares it to. He actually gave a printout of it to his English teacher, looking for a critique. She hasn't responded on his writing but at least she hasn't narc'd him out to the onsite (or citywide) po po either.
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