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Originally Posted by tarwheel View Post
I've got a 16.5' P&H Capela and used to do a lot of paddling. However, since I sold my pickup truck a couple of years ago, I've done very little paddling because it's so much more trouble putting the kayaks on the Honda CRV. Sounds like a lame excuse but I'm afraid that I'll throw my back out. Hauling kayaks around is the weak link in that sport.
I too have a CRV, hence the 45 lb. eddyline. I don't car top. I stick in the back, place a black hook strap across the thingies that hold up the hatch so it doesn't bounce up and down. secure the boat with bungees, and drive off, albeit carefully. I actually raise the exposed end of the yak by placing towels under it, I have several strands of orange hunter ribbon permanently secured to stern, and for good measure added a bicycle tail strobe light. It's very secure and so long as there are no crack heads behind me, I can travel with confidence.

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