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Originally Posted by avidone1 View Post
I have been fishing from an old town canoe for years. Finally sold it on Craigs list after beating it nearly to death. Looked like hell, but dam if that ol osprey 14 was still bone dry.
Now I'm casting from a eddyline Caribbean 14 angler.

any other paddlers out there?
Yes. I paddle almost entirely flat water: rivers and lakes in the NJ Pine Barrens, on the Delaware River and some of its tributary rivers/creeks. The reason I took up cycling again after many years had to do with kayaking. I usually paddle upstream and then downstream back to my car. That's kind of impossible for me if I want to start paddling rapids. So, I thought I could get a beater bike, drop it off and lock it up at my take out location below the rapids. Then when I take the kayak out at that location, I could lock it up and ride the bike back to the car. Anyway, I got my old bike back into shape for riding and have only been in the kayak a couple of times since then. Cycling is just so much more convenient than paddling. But I'll be back out on the water as soon as it warms up anyway. Maybe. I hope. Possibly. It could happen.
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