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We have quite an extensive kayak thread here in Foo-land that we were discussing last year. It's long buried now after a winter season.

I own a car, a bike, and a kayak, a computer, and that's it. No home of my own. No possessions other than those and my clothes.

I originally wanted to get a kayak for exercise. Didn't have the extra cash with being married to someone who thought I was rich (why I got rid of the parasite, and why I'm also homeless and possessionless at the brief moment). I ended up dusting the old Walmart bike off in the garage and rode it for exercise. Said if I kept it up, I'd get a decent bike in the spring after the tax refund came. Problem was, I was riding the river trail and watching all the kayaks floating down the river next to me. Still longed for a kayak. So last year with some of the tax refund, I bought a used kayak. It's a Perception Sport Conduit 13'. I love it. I'm wanting to upgrade to something longer and narrower now. I think I will definitely upgrade to a decent paddle at least. All I have is a $40 plastic/aluminum cheapie from Dick's.

Guy I bought it off of was a real nice guy. I had my car and some foam blocks and straps to bring it home. Also as usual, my bike was inside the car. Met him out towards central PA at his storage shed. He saw the bike as he helped me lift it up on the car and we started briefly chatting about bikes. Turns out he is the president of the Western Pa Rails to Trails Association. Really cool!

I didn't get much cycling done last year due to the weather and work along with the kayak taking a good amount of the weekends when it was nice. Only rode 350 miles last year but have 75 miles on the kayak (I use RidewithGPS on the kayak as well.) I paddle at Moraine State Park (Lake Arthur), tried the Allegheny in Parker, PA but after 3 hours of battling upstream and only making it a mile, trying it twice, I'm done with trying that. I've gone up to Presque Bay and even started to go through the channel out into Lake Erie before I wised up and said ^%&^ that!

Here's a shot that my JVC Action cam caught out on a little paddle / trolling motor only fishing lake out near where I use to live.

Out on the beach at Lake Arthur.

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