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Thanks CrankyOne. On infrastructure I keep meaning to be more detailed and forget. Find myself trying to be more artistic with my photography.

That said I'll make a few general comments based on my experience.

First off the Arizona Canal. This is one of my favorite multi user trails. I've ridden on it from 64th St in Scottsdale to where it ends in Skunk Creek in Peoria. From 24th St west the trail passes under major roads so you don't have to wait at a light or cut across traffic. That segment is also paved. The main problem which is minor as long as you are ready is homeless people sleeping, sometimes drinking under the bridges. Most of these underpasses have little or no lights so don't try to "blow" thru.
From 24th St east to 64th St there are some paved sections but my impression is mostly gravel. But it is a good gravel trail. I have no problem on my hybrid and I see roadies every time I'm there. I don't recall any underpasses in this section. But every major road crossing is at or near a light so you don't have to wait too long.

On the Grand Canal. I've ridden almost all of the Grand Canal from Tempe Town Lake to New River. The Grand Canal has lots of room for improvement. I'll start from Tempe Town Lake and describe the path going west.
The first segment starts from Washington just east of Lakeview Dr north of the lake. It's currently closed. There is some kind of construction project going on. So I usually take Washington to 56th St and travel south to the canal. Then west from there. It is gravel here. It is mostly gravel from here to Washington west of 44th St. The only underpasses are under the freeways, there are 2. But the only street I have had trouble crossing is 44th St followed by Van Buren. They are major roads and there is nothing to slow down traffic.
Going west from Washington the path is paved all the way to 7th Ave. You travel mostly NW to about 12th St where the canal bends more west. You are traveling thru poorer neighborhoods. There are "hobo" camps along the way. They move as needed but I always see at least one. You are going to find broken bottles in the path. At night it is hard to see people fishing along the bank and sometimes they are actually sitting in the path. I rode this section once at night without a light. Had to slow way down to keep from running into people. Crossing every major road is an adventure. Most of the time you are 1/4 mi or so from a traffic light. You just have to wait for an opening.
I'm not going to describe 7th Ave to I17 about 2 mi. I'll start at I17 and go west. From I17 to 75th Ave is similar to the segment from Washington to 7th Ave. Except there are more gravel segments. When you get to 67th Ave you can follow the Bethany Home Outflow Channel Park. It has a wide sidewalk that meanders to 75th Ave & Camelback. It is smoother and easier than the following the canal.
From 75th Ave west you are in Glendale. My recommendation is follow the Grand Canal Linear Park. It meanders alongside the canal but goes under the major roads unlike the canal path. You can go from 75th Ave & Camelback to the 101 & Bethany Home Rd without worrying about auto traffic on the Grand Canal Linear Path.
Crossing the 101 is similar to crossing any major freeway on a major road. I usually take the sidewalk but you can take the lane as well. About 1/4 mi west of the 101 is 99th Ave. Bethany Home road really ends here. Just follow the canal west. Gravel to 107th Ave. The last 1/2 mi is a little rough. Lots of horse properties here.

Didn't mean to go so long. In future posts I'll try to describe things better. Maybe add some comments about trail or path conditions.
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